It’s All About Flavor Experience

Who doesn’t like fried chicken wings? I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like it. But for me it’s my comfort food whenever I don’t feel like thinking which cuisine or food to eat. And because I’m craving for some buffalo wings, It’s time to visit a wingstop branch nearby my place.

Their concept of buffalo style chicken wing restaurant is from in Garland, Texas. They started as a small scale food business in 1994, which is now Wingstop Inc. and today they are more than 1,000 store open across the United States, Indonesia, Mexico, United Arab Emirates, Singapore and in the Philippines.

In 1997 They start offering franchises because of the request and demands of the top entrepreneurs with the drive and passion to own a business. Imagine how many flavors to choose from? It took me so long to decide which flavor and style of wings to pick. They have a very interesting concept because you can create your own meal which I really like. The designs and surroundings are very nostalgic aviation themed style.

Their Food is awesome! The flavors makes them unique to the other chicken/buffalo wings competitors and the amount servings of fries, onion rings and nachos is just right. The only thing missing is a “football game”. But yeah! I still had the best wingstop experience.


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