Are You A Paragon?

A Paragon Pieces? Oh! It’s an online brand for premium mobile cases. It is first created in December of 2014 by two sisters. They already sold thousands of phone cases to customers all around the globe. They have a unique, trendy and stylish designs created from artists worldwide and all cases are made in the Philippines. We all know that, there is a wide range of different manufacturers of mobile cases in the market, offering to personalize your devices and make it stylish. But the difference between Paragon Pieces and to the other manufacturers is that their cases crafted with love and hard work. In fact, with every Paragon case purchased, Ten (10) percent will be dedicated to giving back to our local church which helps charities and missionaries all around the country.

As Paragon Pieces continues to grow and develop as a business, They’re looking forward on expanding their product line this year (2016).

I used their marble snap case, because it’s very light and slim. And it’s easily to attach onto my phone. The design is very sleek and trendy.

You can contact Paragon at

Purchase cases online at
Social media accounts:

Instagram / Twitter: @paragonpieces



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  1. I like their cases. They all look premium.


    Liked by 1 person

    1. russamansec says:

      I agree! Thank you for dropping by. God Bless! 😃


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