Thy Origins Apparel

​Thy Origins Started in Makati Philippines on August 2014, They find that Greek mythology and Japanese culture very gorgeous and interesting. So it leads them on how they can express it both at the same time.


After many discussions and conceptual meetings they come up with an idea of establishing a clothing brand, which is illustrate characters from Greek Mythology and translate the title into Japanese writings.



People nowadays are into minimalist. For me I just find it really comfortable, and easy to dress it up and by just adding simple accessories It really makes the outfit. 

Especially for those people who are always on a rush like me. I spend so much time on checking what outfit to wear and sometimes I ended up staring into my closet. 




Thy Origins is actually one of the ideal apparel to get rid of these problems. They are actually caters monochromatic colors specifically black and white. 





They maintain their style minimalist street wear fashion which is very trendy. 


Available sizes are XS, S, M, L. The fabric has a good quality and the concepts and designs are very intriguing and easily to pair. 

The prices are from Php 159.00 to Php 500.00. 


Visit they’re online shop at or contact them thru 09758739114 /



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