Exploring Manila Ocean Park

To all the people who are looking for a summer adventure this place is perfect for you.

This is actually my second time to visit Manila Ocean Park, without losing the feeling that you go back to being a kid again. Many can be seen here unlike before.



The first one we went to was the Sea Lion Show. It was fun to watch their performances even in a hot weather. There were also people who sells drinks and food inside so you don’t need to worry if you are hungry and thirsty.   







After the sea lion show we went straight to the “Oceanarium”. Many different fishes and sea creatures can be seen here. My favorite part in oceanarium “Ang Kalaliman”.












Here you will enter into a large tube as you were under the sea and you’ll see the different fishes swimming on the surface.

Then we went to the “Trails To Antartica”. You can see everything   about them. We were not able to see the penguins because it is not included in the ticket package. So we decided to skip to the “Birds Of Prey Kingdom”.


You will find different types of eagles flying freely. You can also take a pictures with them.


Next is the “Jellies Dancing Sea Fairies”. This is also one of my favorite part of the trip. This is my first time to see different types of jellyfish. There is also a restaurant inside the museum. I also noticed the colorful jellyfish that moves to the music in motion.

Then we watched the “Penguin Talk Show”

After the show we moved to “World Of Creepy Crawlies”. It’s all about different kinds of reptiles. I was surprised at the incredible albino snake. 

Then we eventually go to “Yexel Toy Museum”. This is my most favorite part of the trip. I’m impressed with the Iron Man, Star Wars & the Minions. I am sure that the kids will love this place and young minds like me.


The Manila Ocean Park is not just about the fishes. It is about how we appreciate the nature of the habitats. like us humans, the animals have the right to live peacefully without fear. If we would appreciate the nature of the great works of God it will remain beautiful.



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